SEG's strength lies in its experience. For over 25 years, SEG has been successfully active in the field of refrigerator and freezer demanufacturing. SEG designs, builds and operates refrigerator/freezer recycling facilities and plants, linking theory and practice in an exemplary manner. An important element in SEG's success is its willingness to invest in the continuous improvement of its technology. SEG has been highly instrumental in shaping current refrigerator/freezer recycling techniques and is proud of the role that it has played in creating and establishing today's operational standards.

The removal of CFCs from cooling circuits and thermal insulating materials is a highly specialized process which SEG has succeeded in implementing as a highly efficient engineering system. All the requisite technology, from the special containers and the universal evacuation tool to highly complex 'mobile factories', was designed in SEG's own engineering offices and manufactured in the company's own workshops.



Aiming to implement the highest quality solution was not always an easy path to take. A major factor in SEG's success has been its role as both a designer and user of recycling technology. The valuable experience gained from the operation of its recycling plants and facilities is fed back directly into improving and optimizing SEG technology and forms the basis of SEG's outstanding expertise in all areas of CFC recovery from refrigerator and freezer appliances.


Refrigerator and freezer demanufacturing using SEG's recycling technology is the comprehensive environmental service for all those who want to implement a high-quality system for processing hazardous waste and reprocessing recyclable materials. Whether our customers are municipal or local authorities, waste management companies or associations or industrial companies, SEG can provide a recycling solution exactly geared to a customer's specific needs. At SEG we offer customers a broad spectrum of services, ranging from advice and assistance with appliance collection and storage to the marketing of the secondary raw materials that are generated during the recycling process.